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Jul 16 15

Rolling with the changes

by Daniel

My last article looked at some issues about medical education inspired by my upcoming 50th anniversary class reunion. It was at just such a reunion weekend that the revered Dr. W. T. Connell reminded his audience of the old physician who said proudly “I’ve been around this hospital for 50 years and I’ve seen a million changes and I’ve been against every damn one of them.” Well I’ve been around the practice of medicine for 50 years and I want to examine some of the changes that have occurred and how I have reacted to them. I haven’t been against every damn one of them but perhaps I’ve come too close to this degree of rigidity. In my reaction to change there may be some lessons to be learned – lessons about how health-care professionals might adapt to those many changes which will surely occur in the next half-century. Historically physicians do not have a particularly good track record adapting to change. We had to be beaten about the head and ears for instance to get us to wash our hands after doing autopsies and before delivering babies. The 50 years during which I have been involved with the practice of medicine say from 1940 to 1990 have seen more changes than occurred for a couple of millennia previously. There is no reason to believe the rate of change will slow down. When I began the study of medicine we had precious little to offer patients that was really effective. We had quinine for malaria digitalis to help the failing heart morphia for pain and ether for the blessing of anesthesia. There were also the sulphonamides and penicillin was on the horizon. Now we have a list of effective medications that fills volumes and overfills our heads. It seems as though a new name is coined every day and I must admit I sometimes get confused as to whether Adalat is a new drug or a new car from General Motors. How did I react to all these changes? Sometimes well sometimes poorly. I hopped on the penicillin bandwagon fairly quickly although my soul-searching over whether to increase the dose from 10000 units to 20000 units in a difficult patient now seems silly. read more…

Oct 29 12


by Daniel

I read in a magazine article that getting too little protien can over a period of time cab cause you to lose bone mass, Is this true? read more…

Oct 29 12

Parents Your Most Important Role! Part 2

by Daniel

At this stage your child will learn to play with others. She will learn what it means to have a friend. She will also learn about sharing and taking turns. The things she learns now will help her when she grows older. read more…

Oct 19 12

Parents Your Most Important Role!Part 1

by Daniel

Your child cannot survive or learn by himself. If you are a parent, you hold an important role. You need to protect your child. You also have to teach your child. He/she needs your help! read more…

Oct 16 12

A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 4

by Daniel

Although this facility only serves about 500 members, it is fully equipped with the latest cardio equipment, strength-training machines and group exercise classes. read more…

Oct 15 12

A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 3

by Daniel

Spa and beauty services are another profitable trend at health clubs in London. Hot tubs, saunas, pools and solariums are common, and nearly all health clubs in London offer spa and beauty services for members. read more…

Oct 14 12

A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 2

by Daniel

Fitness facility services

The services offered at some of the European facilities I visited include some services that are becoming less popular in the U.S. Solariums, known as tanning beds in the U.S., are popular throughout Europe, and bronzed skin is promoted as a sign of good health and beauty. read more…

Oct 13 12

A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 1

by Daniel

The clubs in each city differ in response to the residents’ health and fitness priorities as well as to local cultural and transportation issues.

New perspectives can almost always help your business. Learning about what is successful for the fitness facility across town can help you make business decisions. read more…

Oct 12 12

What Goes Around, Comes Around

by Daniel

The word Karma is actually a Sanskrit word which means “action.” It is most appropriately used to denote a fundamental concept that relates to reincarnation. Practitioners of certain religions and disciplines such as Hinduism or Buddhism believe that your actions, behavior, and intentions in this and previous lives will determine your current and future circumstances. read more…

Oct 4 12

Replace the Old With the New

by Daniel

Typically, those who have a hard time engaging in healthy, life-affirming behaviors such as exercise, also have behaviors that are unhealthy. For example, what are you doing with your free time when you are not exercising? Drinking too much? Watching too much TV? Eating too much? Sound familiar? If so, it is a good idea to use exercise to replace or limit many of those current poor health choices. This means that you are not just adding an exercise program, you are changing your life. If you apply your new life-affirming behavior like exercise to the rest of your life, and include other healthy changes as well, you will help reinforce all the changes, not just exercise. One reinforces the other. read more…