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A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 1

by Daniel on October 13th, 2012

The clubs in each city differ in response to the residents’ health and fitness priorities as well as to local cultural and transportation issues.

New perspectives can almost always help your business. Learning about what is successful for the fitness facility across town can help you make business decisions. Knowing about international trends can also be helpful, and can give you valuable information to help your facility stay up-to-date. It may also give you an edge on predicting future trends and areas of innovation.

On a recent trip to Europe, I visited Amsterdam, London, Paris and Venice, and found that not only do health clubs in these cities differ from U.S. clubs in programming and services, but based on the demand for services, Europeans also have different expectations about what health clubs should offer. Diverse factors such as transportation and beauty concerns influence the services offered in European health clubs.

Transportation and activity levels

In the European cities I visited, residents usually rely on public transportation, walking or bicycling to get around. They at least walk to and from public transit areas, if not their actual destinations. This makes them immediately more active than Americans who don’t live in walking-friendly cities. In London, few residents drive their own cars, and since taxis cost nearly five times as much as public transit, many residents walk or use public transportation. In Venice, as there are no streets to drive on, residents rely on water taxis, water buses, private boats, gondolas or foot to get around. They typically walk to nearby destinations and take either public transportation or private boats for longer distances. While driving in Amsterdam is feasible, it is discouraged. The city is relatively small and flat, so residents typically walk or, more often, ride bicycles.

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