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A Glimpse Into European Health. Part 3

by Daniel on October 15th, 2012

Spa and beauty services are another profitable trend at health clubs in London. Hot tubs, saunas, pools and solariums are common, and nearly all health clubs in London offer spa and beauty services for members.

One area in which London differs from the U.S. is personal training. Personal training services are still considered by most Londoners to be too expensive, although rates can be quite reasonable. Lamb says, “Personal training is not well established in the U.K., although it is becoming increasingly more popular. People presume you [need] to be very wealthy to [have] a personal trainer, and the general public has not yet accepted that [almost] anyone can afford personal training services.”

Paris. While club members in London seem to migrate toward racquet sports and group exercise classes, club members in Paris seem to prefer spa and beauty services. Gymnasium Health Clubs, with 36 locations throughout France, offer a wide array of spa facilities, such as pools, hot tubs and saunas, and spa services, such as hydro-massages, solariums, shower jets, algae baths and other beauty treatments. There is also an emphasis on cellulite removal, and many of Gymnasium’s spa services are listed in its brochure as effective cellulite-removal methods. As already mentioned, the use of electro-stimulation devices and vibrating machines are common in these Parisian health clubs to reduce cellulite and tone muscles, as is the use of solariums to tan skin.1

Although spa and beauty services are popular in Parisian health clubs, cardio training and group exercise are also popular. Many of the group exercise classes are imported from the U.S and abroad, such as cycling, strength and hip-hop classes. Other popular classes include high-low aerobics, modern jazz, karate, stretching, water fitness, low-impact aerobics and step.1

Venice. In Venice, members of the Fitness Point Health Club enjoy group exercise classes and strength training. Group strength classes and kickboxing are a hit at this facility, along with body sculpting, jazz/Latin/funk, step, hip-hop and stretching. One of the perks at this club is that the strength-training room overlooks one of the main canals in Venice, so members can enjoy the view of passing gondolas while working out.

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