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Change your diet with the change of season

by Daniel on November 11th, 2011

Although the leaves are still green and the weather still sunny, it is most definitely autumn! Our children have returned to school, and in their quiet absence we can hear the rustle of change in the leaves overhead. The chill in the night brings out wool blankets to replace the sheets of summer and we are reminded that just as it is the nature of the seasons to change, so it is with us.

As the seasons change so do the needs for our body. While cooling was the objective for spring and summer our bodies require warmth for the fall and winter. As the energy of all things moves in ward and downward to roots nature provides the foods and teas that can assist our bodies change from release of heat to holding heat.

Nature provides the appropriate foods at the proper time in abundance. To assist our bodies changing seasonal needs appropriate changes in the diet should be made as the season provides. The contracted form which resemble the inward and downward spiral of a drain is apparent in autumn root foods. Turnips, parsnips, carrots and sweet potatoes all encourage energy to be pulled downward and inward which encourages the holding of heat. The colors of fall foods are also quite warming. Beans and squash can be found in many red, orange and yellow varieties, which also indicates their warming nature. At this time grains ripen and are harvested and cooked, warming grains in tasty colors replace the cooling raw greens of summer.

There are many teas that not only provide warmth by increasing circulation but boost immunity as well. An excellent example is ginger root, which will increase circulation and the patrol of white blood cells (immunity), as well as boost energy, and assist in digestion of this season’s more prepared and heartier foods. Ginger can be taken as a tea but is an excellent addition to any seasonal soup or stew.

As the seasons change there are as always many lifestyle choices that can be made to support our overall wellness. It is believed that vitality is depleted by stress and struggle. It is a wise person who lives quietly and asserts themselves through skillful and easy action. Many simple things in life can contribute to happiness and longevity. Eating the foods of the season and recognizing the changes we experience in accordance with natures cycles. Having a healthy attitude that includes being more in the moment than always in the past or future is something positive to attain. Remembering to breathe more deeply and slowly can produce calmness and increased energy.

Spending time in nature can be very helpful in developing peace in yourself. Soon the leaves will take on those amazing yellow, orange and red hues before the trees release them for their final descent back to earth. The lades and ponds around us will quiet and become still until their depths are filled with the reflective beauty of the colors all around. In this fall season I encourage you to make these powerful surroundings medicine and follow the cycles of the land. Take time to quiet yourself and reflect on the beauty of creation and your place in it. Give thanks for the abundant life of summer and it’s provision of fall harvest. The autumn is the perfect time to make amends and bring closure to the unsettling business of your life. Follow the cycle of the land and release all resentments and hurt feelings for their final descent back to earth where they can be buried in winter snow and finally washed away in the renewal of spring. Above all be well and stay focused and busy with the work of creation that is ours. Work must be done to achieve peace in our minds and home in order to bring peace and wellness to our communities.

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