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Corrugated Creations. Part 2

by Daniel on February 29th, 2012

Look, Ma! No Plastic!

Besides the castle, Parallel Universe patterns come in a huge variety of creations such as a tug boat, a treasure chest, a wearable horse, a flying saucer, and a beautiful swan boat big enough for two children!

Because the P.U.C. team worked at length with day care groups while developing the patterns, the cardboard designs have been extensively child-tested for durability. “If the kids are involved in making [the creations], they seem to take better care of them.” Mike adds, “The castle has spent three and four months at both preschool and school-age day cares, with daily use.”

In addition to solo play, Mike suggests incorporating his creations in conjunction with a special event — like a birthday. He proposes using a cardboard castle to make a personalized birthday tribute, wherein young party guests decorate the outside of the castle with paints, glitter, markers etc. The result is a one-of-a-kind birthday toy.

A man’s refrigerator is his castle

On a recent cloudy day, my husband and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to create a Parallel Universe cardboard castle. I began what turned out to be the extensive process of attempting to locate a couple of cardboard boxes from local appliance stores. I was told by an employee at one store that our city’s recycling laws are very stringent, and that businesses are fined for letting cardboard collect around dumpsters. Businesses are required to crush and recycle as quickly as humanly possible.

After twelve phone calls to different businesses, I found a warehouse that had two boxes they would set aside for me to pick up — but I had to hurry . In a scene that might have resembled a family receiving news that a much needed kidney had just been flown in via CAREFLIGHT, I screamed at my husband, “Grab the keys! They have one for us!!” and we piled in the car.

Back home, we cut and assembled our castle. Greyson, being too young to handle a sharp instrument, yelled out commands from a megaphone. Our castle turned out great, albeit not as polished as the cover photo on the package (these people are professionals, after all). Greyson now calls for his meals to be delivered to the castle door and is interested in finding an affordable home owner’s insurance plan. I would call this project a resounding success. Now if only they could come up with a cardboard nanny. We’ll talk soon.

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