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by Daniel on September 26th, 2012

Right about now you are probably starting to tell yourself all the excuses that have kept you from exercising. Not enough time, too tired, I don’t like it, and my feet hurt, etc. Sound familiar? I could probably take up an entire page with all the excuses that I have heard that keep people from exercising. However, these excuses are all related to the underlying problem, “denial!”

Denial kills millions every year. The idea that “nothing will happen to me” is a very common malady, which is very surprising when you think about it. For example, people buy automobile insurance and health care insurance in case they have a car accident or get sick. But when you really think about it, no one would purchase insurance if they knew that they wouldn’t need it. The idea behind insurance is that you know you will need it at some point in time. If not, you would not pay for something that you would never use.

I have seen and talked with many people who were hospitalized for chronic illnesses. Without exception, most of these people say that they should have done things differently to prevent the illness they now have.

Then, a funny thing happens, once they get out of the hospital they go back to the very same lifestyle that put them in the hospital.

Why? In the hospital there is no way for them to deny what is happening to them. However, consistent with human nature, give them a few months out of the hospital (assuming that they didn’t die) and they no longer feel the strong need to change their lifestyle to prevent future health problems. Back to denial! Sounds crazy, but it happens a million times over each day.

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