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Feng Shui in the Bedroom. Part 3

by Daniel on May 15th, 2012

Here is a list of other “shoulds” to help you direct the chi in your bedroom so that you get the best quality of rest and rejuvenation possible:

*In selecting your bedroom, try to choose the room farthest away from the sounds of the street. A square or rectangular room is preferable to a room of irregular shape. The most auspicious placement of a married couple’s bedroom is in the southwest corner of the house, as this direction governs marriages, spouses, and partnerships. Yellow is the color associated with this direction, so if a southwesterly placement is not an option, you can use yellow in your decorating to evoke the benefits of that direction.

*The wall behind your head should be solid (i.e. no windows or bookshelves behind your head), and the area at the foot of the bed should have as much space as possible. The left side is the best side of the bed for taller pieces of furniture, and the right side is best for low furniture.

*The ceiling above your bed should be smooth and of moderate height — the standard 8-foot ceiling is just fine. Don’t position the head of your bed under a sloping ceiling, shelf, alcove, or exposed beams. Place reading lights to the side of the bed rather than using recessed lights in the ceiling.

*If mirrors are used at all in a bedroom, it is best to have them on the inside of a closet door. They should be covered in some way when you are sleeping. Mirrors should not be placed so that they directly reflect the bed. They intensify energy, so if you must have a mirror in this room, limit yourself to one.

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