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Feng Shui in the Bedroom. Part 4

by Daniel on May 15th, 2012

*Bedroom furnishings (dressers, tables, etc.) should be positioned so that their sharp corners do not point toward sleeping people. Likewise, if the room itself has a corner that points toward the bed, you should move the bed if you can.

*Get clutter out of your bedroom. Especially get it out from under your bed. Resting in proximity to stagnant energy (clutter) is believed to have many negative side effects.

*Generally, it is best to locate electronics like computers, TV’s, and stereos as far from your bedroom as possible. If you have a TV or computer monitor in your room, at least cover the screen when you are sleeping.

*And, as unlikely as it may seem, plants are not good bedfellows. If you have a large number of plants in your bedroom, move most of them to another room in your home.

No one can expect to follow every recommendation on this list, but it couldn’t hurt to see which ones you can easily incorporate into the arrangement of your bedroom. Strange as it seems to me, I did notice a difference when I shifted my room around. I was actually able to “feel” that the room was more harmonious when I was done, and now I seem to get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re curious about why Feng Shui helps, there are many books and videos available now on the subject. And if you want to go beyond the amateur level, you can find Feng Shui consultants in most cities and many small towns.

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