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Frequent Vomiting in Ulcer Patient

by Daniel on November 28th, 2011

Q.My doctor has been treating me over a long time for many small ulcers. These were confirmed on X-rays a year ago, which showed some old ones and some new.

Lately, I have been throwing up after eating dinner. The food never seems to digest. Twenty minutes after I eat something it feels as if it is all in my throat. Once I throw up, the pain is gone. I can eat very small amounts during the day, and by dinner I am starved, but then even small amounts cause this problem.

Meat especially causes me a lot of burning and a rolling feeling in my stomach. I am not actually nauseous, and I do not feel sick other than this.

I have read this could be caused by old ulcer scars blocking digestion. Could this be the case? Would X-rays or other tests show for sure? What methods are used to help this?


A.The symptoms you are describing suggest that you may have a gastric outlet obstruction or marked delay in emptying of your stomach. It’s possible that you simply have recurrent ulcers creating intermittent severe inflammation, which in turn may cause a transient obstruction.

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