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High Impact Exercise May Help to Prevent Osteoporosis

by Daniel on March 27th, 2012

If your members are looking for new ways to prevent osteoporosis, it may be as easy as performing high-impact activities such as running and aerobics, according to recent findings.

In a study published in the January 20 issue of the British Medical Journal, researchers examined the fitness habits of nearly 5,200 adults between the ages of 45 and 74. They found that women who participated in any amount of high-impact activity had more bone density than women who participated in other types of activities.

Women who stair-climbed had especially improved bone density over those who performed other types of high-impact activities.

Men who participated in high-impact activities at least two hours a week also increased their bone density.

Researchers did not find light to moderate exercise to have an effect on bone density, but all types of exercise do help to improve health and maintain weight. While frail, older adults may not be suitable for high-impact exercise, researchers recommend activities such as running, tennis, basketball and volleyball to younger and middle-aged adults to build bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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