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Hire and Fire

by Daniel on March 11th, 2011

I’m convinced that the anxiety of hiring or firing employees rates second only to going to the dentist. One wrong move can lead to one big mess: staff personality conflicts, derailed project deadlines, termination lawsuits, just to name a few. And don’t forget the cost of replacing an employee. According to the American Management Association, it is usually 25% of the fire’s salary.

Hot Tip from the Top:
“I’d rather hire someone I have to rein in than push forward.”

Be Patient
• No matter how understaffed you are, don’t rush to hire. In the end, it will take you at least twice as long to replace an employee who didn’t work out.

Get Your Staff’s Input
• Your department will see traits — good and bad — that you may have overlooked in a potential hire. Also, your staff needs to evaluate whether or not it’ll work well with the new employee.

Hire on a Trial Basis
• If you’re unsure of the hire, give the employee a two-to-three month trial period to show off his or her stuff. This gives both of you a chance to see if it’s the right fit.

Follow Legal Guidelines When Firing
• Employees are becoming increasingly more savvy on legal issues and are suing over wrongful termination. Be sure to consult human resources or the legal department before firing anyone. Handle this process meticulously.

Fire on a Friday .

• Letting go of employees on a Friday gives them the weekend to sort things out. It also gives them an opportunity to clean out their desk with fewer co-workers around.

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