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How to Find The Owner of a Phone Number Through Reverse Phone Lookup

by Daniel on March 7th, 2017

There are a number of reasons why you may want to identify a caller. You may be getting prank calls now and then from the same number. It is not hard to determine the caller if you follow the steps outlined here. You will need the full telephone number which contains the area code and the seven digit number that follows. This is enough to locate the owner of the phone number; whether it is a land line or cell phone number.


First Step: Using Free Reverse Phone Look Up

There are a number of free online reverse phone number directories, You can search for them on Google. After locating one, just enter the suspicious number and press the search button. This usually works for published land line numbers. You will be provided with the name of the owner and their address. That would conclude your search.

If you are unable to get any information on the number, the most likely reason is that the number is for a cell phone or is an unlisted land line number. Currently there is no central database of cell phone numbers and therefore free reverse phone directories are unable to provide information on such numbers. Most of the free online reverse phone directories search the same databases for information. It may therefore be unproductive to keep on searching for a number if one or two of the services are unsuccessful.

If you are unsuccessful you can proceed to the next step..


Second Step: Use The RPDetective Service To Find The Owner of A Phone Number

The service is able to retrieve information on most numbers that are not available in free reverse phone look-up directories. They charge a small fee. They have a database which they update with information for both land line and cell phone searches.  Their database covers the entire United States. They provide access to a huge people search database and some other related information. You only pay if you get results.

The RPDetective service offers two options. You can do a one-time search or you can enroll for membership which entitles you to carry out unlimited searches in the members area and you also get premium full phone reports and other benefits.

Click here to access their reverse look-up form and enter the number you want information for it is relatively easy.


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