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I’ll do what I gotta do, Baby

by Daniel on January 17th, 2012

Robb ran forward and Ted football-tackled Robb and knocked him literally 3-4 feet in the air, flipping him over into the water. Ted also fell in but it was pretty impressive to see Robb fly.

At this point, Team Skateboard leads 5 to 3 and Shii Ann faces off with Brian. Her team tries to explain to her to grab hold of him and pull him in with her. It doesn’t happen and Brian grabs her arm and tosses her in like a weightless Ally McBeal (who I really miss, by the way).

On his return, Brian squares up against NYC policeman Ken and after a bit of a struggle, Ken outpowers him and tosses Brian in the water. Team Skateboard now leads 8 to 4 and it doesn’t look so good for Team Church Social.

Ken stands guard in the attack zone and allows Penny through. Good strategy. Keep the strongest guy there to block everyone from getting through. Unfortunately for them, this one good idea burns out Team Skateboard’s one good brain cell. Helen tries to get through Ken, but he wasn’t in the attack zone when he first made contact so he disqualified himself from the game. We see Robb flip off Jeff Probst for insisting that his team follow the rules (and I wonder if Robb is a Democrat from New Jersey).

This changes the score from 8 – 4 to 7 – 5. Robb steps up. Clay hurries through the attack zone and is met with Robb 2-3 feet outside of the zone who grabs Clay by the neck and tosses him off screaming.

(This is what we saw in the previews.) Robb very quickly stretches one foot forward so it’s in the attack zone and argues with Jeff, pointing to his foot. Jeff clarifies, “Robb you were not in the attack zone when you grabbed Clay by the throat.”

Robb throws a little fit and another basket leaves Team Skateboard into the other boat. The score is now tied 6 – 6 and the two biggest guys from Team Skateboard have disqualified themselves from the game. Robb continues to throw a fit as he swims back, “Bunch of little whiney babies.”

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