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Maggie and Me, Part 1

by Daniel on June 27th, 2012

It’s time to write about Maggie and me. Maggie has only been a member of our family for about two months, but in that time she has stolen my heart and become the best companion. She was an unexpected gift, in a way.

Three months ago, I saw a sign in my local drugstore, with a picture of a beautiful border collie (the dogs featured in the movie, "Babe") asking for people to adopt border collies who had been "rescued" from less-than-ideal situations.

Something about that note spoke to me, even though I had vowed I would not get another dog after our family dog, Spanky, died last year from old age. Too much trouble, I thought. No freedom. The kids are soon to leave the nest, so who needs to be tied down? True, we have more than enough cats, but they are more self-sufficient, less needy. But here was this sign and this voice speaking deep inside me. I clawed through my purse until I found a scrap of paper and wrote down the name and number.

And that's how Maggie came to us. I held onto the note for a couple of days, running the idea around in my mind before mentioning it to the rest of the family. I knew my three sons would be totally enthusiastic and that my husband would probably want to pass on the idea. He had been very close to Spanky and had mourned him, but was set on no more dogs. Finally, I broached the subject.

My husband said something about my being crazy to want to take this on, but he didn't say no, and I thought I saw a tiny gleam of interest in his eyes. I called a lovely woman named Lily and told her of our interest. We met two collies, as it turned out.

The first one turned out not to be available for a couple of months or maybe ever, and we decided to wait for another dog. I had a fatalistic attitude -- if it was meant to be, and something told me that it was, another collie would come our way.

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