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Nostphoria. Part 2

by Daniel on July 24th, 2012

When I wanted to get beyond a midlife fitness plateau in the early ’80s, I looked up some exercise science books and marveled at what had been learned since I was a P.E. student. David R. Lamb’s brief and clear exercise physiology textbook led me to ask, why don’t the health clubs know this stuff?

Ralph Paffenbarger’s work interpreted the health/
longevity consequences over many years for thousands of people in Framingham, Mass. He and his followers made it clear that physical activity could no longer be ignored as a major factor in public health.

FM, whose first issue was mailed to 17,000 fitness centers across the U.S.A. in March 1985 is built on the contributions of all these leaders. They established that:

* There is no doubt that exercise is essential.

* The relationship between amounts of exercise and the results are dependable.

* Exercise programs can be adapted to every individual’s needs and desires.

There is no reason not to exercise. Overcoming the unreasonable reluctance to exercise is the next big challenge.

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