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Parents Your Most Important Role! Part 2

by Daniel on October 29th, 2012

At this stage your child will learn to play with others. She will learn what it means to have a friend. She will also learn about sharing and taking turns. The things she learns now will help her when she grows older.

Your 3-year-old knows some of the rules now. She is learning more about herself and doing more herself. But she will get angry when she cannot do some things other children can do. She may see a friend riding a bigger tricycle. Or she may see someone using scissors. If she cannot do these things, she may get angry. That is normal.

Your 3-year-old has a great imagination. She may like to dress up in adult clothes. She will enjoy talking on her toy telephone and taking care of her baby dolls. She may even dress up like a man. She just wants to see what it feels like. She may also tell stories about herself that are not true. This is not lying. She is trying to learn the difference between the truth and “make-Believe.” She does not know the difference yet.

Can ride a tricycle or big wheel
Can sing a song
Asks a lot of questions like “What is that?” or “Where are you going?”
Asks “Why?” a lot
Sometimes shares toys and takes turns
Can unzip large zippers
Can talk about what she did yesterday
Likes to act silly
Will play by herself
Wants to play with other children
Will get angry if she cannot do things other people do
May be using the toilet, but may wear a diaper at night
Age 4 – The Adventurer

Your 4-year-old is now ready to take risks. He is ready to learn what are safe risks and not-so-safe risks.

He is also learning to take care of himself. He wants to see how fast he can go and how loud he can yell. He wants to see what he can do by himself.

Your 4-year-old wants to know about everything. His mind is growing fast. He will ask “Why?” “Why” “Why?” many times a day. Your answers will teach him about the world. He is also ready for pre-school. This is a great place for him to learn more about the world.

Your child moves faster now. He moves faster than he thinks. He may ride his bicycle into the street, or he may run in front of a car. He still needs to hold your hand sometimes. You need to be sure he is safe. You should still have rules he must obey.

Can begin to copy big letters
Asks all kinds of questions
Tells stories but sometimes gets confused about what is true and what is not true
Likes words and making sounds, such as rhymes
Can tell you where he lives
Can use a knife to cut some foods
Can zip his coat
Draws a pictures that looks like something he knows
May have bad dreams at night
Girls want to learn about boys; boys want to learn about girls

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development, it is always best to consult with your pediatrician.

Please send your comments and suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to use this medium as a way to build our “Parenting Instruction Guide”. We can learn to be the parents we want to be and thereby, positively influence our children for a lifetime!

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