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Parents Your Most Important Role!Part 1

by Daniel on October 19th, 2012

Your child cannot survive or learn by himself. If you are a parent, you hold an important role. You need to protect your child. You also have to teach your child. He/she needs your help!

You must:

Keep your child safe from danger
Give your child healthy food, clothing, and a safe place to live
Help your child stay healthy; take him to the doctor for check-ups and shots
Teach your child to do things for himself or herself
Love and nurture your child
Teach your child to behave in useful ways
How will your child grow up? Will he help others? Will he hurt others? Your role as a parent is special. You can help your child be a responsible person who can take care of himself and others when he grows up. YOU are the best person for this position!

As you think about parenting, do not worry about your mistakes. All parents make mistakes. The best thing you can do is learn from them. Think about what you can do better the next time. This will make you a better parent for your child.

Your child will change a great deal in the first 4 years of life. These changes happen in stages. If you understand and anticipate the stages, you will understand your child and be better prepared.

Remember that all children are different. Some grow faster than others, and some grow slower than others.

Age 1 – Exploring

Your 1-year-old is just starting to learn about the world in this stage. He is seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling everything. This is how he learns. Exploring things will help him develop his mind and learn how things work.

Your child is learning to walk. He runs everywhere. He touches everything and tastes everything. But it can be dangerous. Your job is to make sure he learns about the world in a safe way.

Walks without help
Sits in chair by himself
Says first words
Knows different parts of the body
Helps to put things away
Likes to pull things out of drawers
Uses hand and mouth to learn
Loves to pull toys
May try to bite people
Is not ready to play well with other children
Darts and dashes quickly
May like to climb
Age 2 – The Boss

Your 2-year-old is learning about her abilities. She is learning how to get things done and how to make things happen. But she is also learning that she cannot always have things her way. Your child needs to learn to use her power in useful ways.

She will learn by testing you. She may do things she knows are wrong to make you angry. She wants to see if you mean what you say. That’s why it is your job to say “no” sometimes. You will need to make the rules.

When you make rules for your 2-year-old, she will learn that “no” is a powerful word. Then she will try to use it on you! You need to stay clam. Your child must learn that “no” can be powerful. It has power when she uses it the right way. Later she will use this word when she says “no” to drugs. She will use “no” when she wants to stay away from danger.

Your 2-year-old will not know that following rules is how she learns. All she will know is that she wants her way. When you tell her “no,” she will show her anger by crying or yelling.

Likes to run
Opens doors using the doorknob
Touches her body
Does not like to go to bed
Does not like to share
Likes to look at books and listen to you read
Likes to undress and run around without wearing clothes
Uses the word “no” a lot
Wants to do things by herself
Gets angry and yells
Knows when she needs to go to the bathroom, but may lose control
May begin potty training
Age 3 – The Pal

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