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Paula’s Journal: Week Six. Part 1

by Daniel on June 21st, 2012

Armand and Sharon!
Well I lost again! This week 1 ВЅ more pounds are gone! I hope I keep losing at this pace. I did really well with the exercise and OK with the food.

This week I had the munchies really bad a couple of days. But I didn’t act on them! I ate out twice this week and due to my terrible cravings I ordered high-fat meals. I really got full fast with the Chinese food though. I only ate about Вј of my lemon chicken. The other night that we ate out we went to a steakhouse and I had real butter, sour cream and salad dressing. I guess it’s okay to splurge every now and then isn’t it?

Maybe I made up for it by getting in an extra cardio workout this week for a total of six cardio sessions! Thursday night was supposed to be my off night for cardio but I felt like walking! As for weightlifting, I will try to add another session starting next week. I definitely think I am getting stronger. I will have to increase the weight again next time on a few exercises!

Armand, when I am riding my bike do you think it is better to use a high gear or a low gear or a little of both? I never know if I’m getting a better workout by having to push a little harder or by having more rpm!

Sharon, I’m really only snacking when I’m actually hungry. I used to snack out of boredom or for other reasons but I’ve been able to control it! I have no idea why I am able to control it now and I couldn’t in the past! I just hope this lasts! I tried the tomato juice as soup with a few crackers and I like it! I just need to remember to eat it!

Until next week,


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