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Solutions for Hair Loss

by Daniel on March 17th, 2010

How to arrest hair loss and restore hair fullness

The first tip is to rub into the scalp substances that contain estrogen (female sex hormones), as they will help to strengthen the hair. Humans and animals are not the only ones to produce female hormones. The synthesized equivalent of these hormones can also be produced by some plants. A few of these plants are: clover, hops, licorice, sage and sweet clover.

The most potent are: hops, licorice and sage. Together with these plants, with their antiseptic and stimulating properties, the result will be more than just stopping the hair loss. Thin hair reverts to being thick and lustrous again.

Nourishing Lotion:

You will need these ingredients:

Hops (cones) – 40 g
Stinging nettle (leaf) – 20 g
Licorice (root) – 10 g
Sage (leaf) – 20 g
Hot pepper (fruit) – 10 g
Castor Oil – 30 ml
Turpentine purified – 20 ml

All plant material must be dried and powdered. Then combine with one liter of 70 percent alcohol. Place in a dark place for two weeks and shake it occasionally. Then strain and pour it into a dark glass container. To the tincture, add Castor oil, turpentine, water (sold in a pharmacy), then shake for several minutes until the ingredients are uniformly combined.

Use this solution each day by using a cotton swab to apply it to the scalp with rubbing motions for a period of 5 minutes. Shake it first, before applying lotion. The time period of treatment is between one to six months.

Because androgenic hair loss occurs more quickly than the natural process of hair loss, once one stops using the lotion, the hair will begin to weaken once more. This treatment must be continued for 1-2 months and repeated regularly due to constant need.

Second bit of advice – drink tea made with sea buck-thorn leaves. Place 2-5 grams of leaves in a glass. Pour boiling water over the leaves. Boil on low for 5 minutes, and then steep for 15-20 minutes and strain. Drink it hot, mixed with honey in a glass for two to three times each day.

This is a useful oat tincture: Combine three glasses of water with a glass of grains. Heat to boiling. Boil for 15 minutes, cool and strain. Use one glass 2-3 times each day.

Third piece of advice – massage your head two to three times each day. Use a massage brush and brush from the sides to the crown for three minutes.

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