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Take a Team Approach

by Daniel on July 30th, 2012

Waste elimination should be deeply ingrained in your core operating philosophy, not justemphasized duringbudgeting or in the event of a business downturn. It is a 24/7 strategy for improved profitability. Waste elimination alsoneeds to be a total team effort. That means spreading the message beyond accountants and managers. A financially attentive fitness facility should already be operating efficiently, with any expensescarefully evaluated in terms of cost/benefit. But, if you get the whole team thinking about waste elimination, unforeseen opportunities to cut waste will emerge.

Why does a team approach work? At the operational level, the employee knows best and is in a position to take action. Also,it’s much wiser to invest amanager’s time inmore strategic matters, rather than in operational details.

Training.Training can help your team help you. To help employees see the method behind waste elimination, use training sessions to explain the reasons behind your policies.Also, if not already used, the simple addition of a measuring jug can dramatically reduce the quantity of chemicals used. Doing things the right way eliminates waste.

Results. Training employees will only be effective if they see the benefits. If a staff member saves $500 per year in hand lotion purchases by collecting the remaining lotion from each bag in the locker rooms.

And in return you scrimp on an annual bonus, do not be surprised if the employee switches to waste-maximizing mode.

Waste elimination can be a core theme for your facility. For bright and thoughtful ideas, recognize employees. If an employee has managed to save your facility money by offering suggestions throughout the year, consider rewarding that employee with a percentage of the amount of money saved.

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