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Understanding Organizational. Part 1

by Daniel on September 30th, 2012

When a group of people works closely together to accomplish a task, conflicts will inevitably surface. As the number of people involved and the amount of tasks increase, pressure builds and conflict results. Fitness facility supervisors must learn to deal with conflict while still maintaining smooth operations, satisfied customers and incremental sales.

Conflict within an organization is defined as “disagreement between two or more parties or between two or more positions as how to best achieve the organization’s goals,” according to Patrick Montana and Bruce Charnov in their book Management. The authors emphasize that although conflict typically is regarded as interruptive, destructive and a waste of time, its beneficial effects should be recognized. Conflict can generate innovation in problem solving, since a difference of opinion can lead to opinions and status quo methods being challenged, which may eventually spur a better solution. Because conflict is inevitable, the authors recommend that “management should regard conflict as a constant force … and seek to manage it in a beneficial manner.”

Types of conflicts

In any organization, the types and sources of conflicts vary. Single-party conflicts occur when one person must wrestle with two opposing opinions. A manager’s personal values may conflict with those of the organization. A manager may prefer to hire more experienced employees or quality vendors at a higher cost, while the organization may insist on hiring at the cheapest level. Faced with this situation, managers may suffer internal stress, including elevated blood pressure, ulcers and insomnia. Because it is typically difficult to change the values of an organization, those holding differing values eventually must either follow the organization’s guidelines or leave.

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