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Understanding Organizational. Part 3

by Daniel on September 30th, 2012

Just as communication failures and misunderstandings snarl most relationships from time to time, they also infiltrate businesses. Because departments rarely will have the exact same information simultaneously, different perspectives and objectives may result. Even when equipped with the same information, departments can find different meanings in it. The sales department may be delighted with the boost in memberships, but the locker room attendants may be frustrated with new crowds, disarray and additional work.

Differences in performance standards across departments can cause conflict to surface as well. All departments and employees need to be in sync about delivering quality service to members. If one department or employee consistently and noticeably falls short, other employees will eventually become frustrated and resentful — both of which can be precursors to conflict.

Finally, organizational incongruities may stimulate conflict. Line staff often feel that upper managers do not understand their duties or take responsibility for daily operations. In turn, managers may complain that line staff do not follow directions or work as efficiently as possible. Of course, the eventual success of the organization depends on cooperation, not conflict, among all departments.

Conflict resolution

Resolving a conflict has negative connotations in the minds of many people. Many people in conflict assume that a resolution involves giving up a portion of what they truly want, with everyone being equally unhappy in the end. The final result is referred to as “giving in.” Instead, the final result should be a winning situation for all parties involved. Everyone should be able to achieve their objectives and feel as though they have been mutually considered in the resolution process.

To handle a conflict, managers must understand its type and source, but also must be armed with a handful of strategies.

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